Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our Girl Scout Troop Visits a Pet Shelter!

My girl scout troop went to a pet shelter recently. This is particularly exciting for me because I never owned any type of pet, and I learned a lot of new, key things.

We had a tour guide there who shared how majority of the pets that are rescued are stray animals, and about ten percent have been abused and neglected.

Photo by Smiley's mom
Every girl brought donations for the pets like dog or cat food, blankets, and mini toys. After all, the key to being helpful is to give, give, give!
Photo by Smiley's mom

 It was fascinating to hear about how they rescue and relocate animals. The field officer in the picture below, showed us how they inserted a microchip into the animal. This is the key to returning the pet to the rightful owner. 

Photo by Smiley's mom

The officer demonstrated how the micro chip is inserted into the animal's scruff (the loose skin on the back of the animal's neck.) The scuff area is the key to not feeling any pain when the microchip is inserted. 
Photo by Smiley's mom

Pictured below, this is me testing to see if the dog likes me. First, I put the palm of my hand to the dog cage and waited. If the dog comes over and licks that means he/she likes me. This dog did, and I got to give him/her a treat. If I were ready to adopt that day, this dog is the one I'd be able to take home.
Photo by Smiley's mom
Before you give the treat you have to go to the field officer, or the tourist and say a great reason why you should give the treat. My key reason was the dog licks me and wants to play with me.
Photo by Smiley's mom

Next stop, the cat territory.
Photo by Smiley's mom
This time we actually got to pet the cats. Every single one of them were so soft and cuddly! These cats are the only ones that don't have a cage, so you have to be careful when you open the door and close because they might manage to escape.
Photo by Smiley's mom
I was really surprised to see even horses at the pet shelter. I just thought that they're were only pets like bunnies, dogs, and cats, yet there are horses too.
Photo by Smiley's mom
This is a really a happy momentous occasion because on the day we visited a dog that was at the shelter for a long time finally got a home! 
Photo by Smiley's mom

It was a really fun time over there. I hope that all of the pets get adopted one day. Other ways you can help is to make donations like my girl scout troop did. 

Since I am not a pet owner, what are some interesting pet facts that you could share? 

If you aren't a pet owner would you like a pet?

If so, what kind and why?

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  1. Dear Smiley,

    What a fabulous post about your Girl Scout trip to the animal shelter! You pictures really complement you descriptive text.

    I am a big fan of the animal shelter, or pound as we used to call it. All of my dogs, except Buck, and my old cat Sam were from the pound. Sam was an adult cat when I got him, and he lived to be quite old. Although I always thought I would want a kitten, having an adult cat was great because he was mellow when I got him.

    Having a pet is a lot of work. You have to feed the pet, clean up after them, groom them, and exercise them. Although it is a lot of work, the payoff is worth it!

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis